God always gets His man alone. All of the stories in the Bible tell of someone getting alone with God.

Have you been zealous for the Lord?

Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jacob—even Jesus would get alone with God. One of my favorite stories from the Bible is that of Elijah alone in a cave after calling down fire on Mount Carmel. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel had begun to worship the Canaanite god of Baal and killed the prophets of Jehovah. Elijah confronted King Ahab and set up a contest. Whoever was the true God would send down fire from heaven and consume an altar prepared for Him. After the prophets of Baal failed to produce any results, Elijah called down fire from heaven and consumed the altar with its sacrifice. Then, he ordered the execution of the false prophets of Baal. When Queen Jezebel heard this, she sent a messenger to Elijah saying she was going to have him killed that very day. Elijah ran away. He left everyone and went to Mount Hebron where Moses met with God. Elijah was not running away from God, he was running to God. Just like Elijah after a great victory…we need to retreat. After performing miracles and preaching to large crowds of people, Jesus would retreat to be alone in prayer with God. Elijah was coming down from a mountaintop experience. The climb down a mountain is the most dangerous and vulnerable time.

Alone in a cave God spoke, “Elijah, What are you doing here?” That was God saying, “Hey…what̓s up?” Twice God asked, “Elijah what are you doing here?” God knew everything, but He wanted to give Elijah the opportunity to speak from his heart. Elijah gave the same response twice, “I have been very zealous for the Lord.” Elijah was saying, “God, I̓ve been working hard for You.” How many pastors could say those words when God asks you, “What are you doing here?” Could you answer, “I have been very zealous for the Lord?”

Alone in the cave Elijah shared with God all his thoughts and emotions. It was during this retreat that Elijah was rested, replenished, and received a fresh anointing and assignment from God. God gave him a new mission to anoint two people as kings and Elisha as a prophet.

There is an exchange that takes place when we get alone with God. We give Him our pain and our problems and He gives us His anointing and assignment. What did Abram receive when he met alone with God? A new name, Abraham, and a promise that his descendants would be a great nation. What did Jacob receive when he met alone with God? A new name, Israel, and the blessing of God.

Things happen when we’re alone with God. First, we can repent. Repentance is not a one-time event in the life of the believer. Repentance is a time to share our fears, feelings, and failures openly with God; to tell Him all. When you repent you let go. This makes room for us to receive a fresh anointing, a new word, or a new mission from God. You must be emptied before you can be filled.

Alone with God in the silence we can hear His voice clearly. Then, alone with God we receive fresh vision and direction from Him. Like Elijah, God has work for you to do for Him. God has a new mission for you. ~George DeTellis, Jr.

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