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Send More Love

Standing in the middle of the Mathieu Elementary School courtyard, I was surrounded by kids carrying their shoebox gifts. I jumped in line following the 1st graders into their classroom—where it turned into a party of giggles and smiles. Kids across the world are all the same. They just want to have fun! Right now, […]

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New Well

Safe drinking water prevents diseases. Clean water is vital for cooking and consumption. It also saves the lives of children under five by preventing extreme dysentery from unsafe water. Our church and school in Lassale, Haiti, has a new well located on its campus. The artesian well recently stopped, so it was replaced with a […]

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Building Churches

Globally, the greatest force of good is the local Christian church. Right now, two churches are under construction in Haiti. Our campuses in L’Acul and Santo are seeing construction of new churches built by Haitians. These churches are vital for the infrastructure of these villages as our mission provides food, medical care, and education through […]

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Dominican Health Clinic

María, who is four months pregnant, came to the health center with severe nausea. She was pale and also had low blood pressure. Dr. José Cepeda and his nurse, Marianely, immediately began treating her for dehydration. Two hours later, her blood pressure was normal and she was feeling much better. The health center treats 15-20 […]

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Baptism Services

Our churches in Haiti host baptism services throughout the year. In Haitian culture, the outward expression of your dedication to Jesus through water baptism is significant, as it also represents the turning away from the practice of Voodoo. Recently, our church in Callitor, Haiti, hosted a baptism service. After completing discipleship classes at the church, […]

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New Missions uses both hands to help the people of Haiti. We love to preach, but we also love to use our hands to bring healing. Throughout the Bible, we see the use of the hand in helping and healing, such as Jesus extending His hand to lift up a sick child. The day we […]

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A Spiritual Work

There is a constant reminder of Voodoo on the Leogane Plain. A few months back, after hearing Voodoo drums for hours on our beach, I decided to investigate. They were sending a food sacrifice to the god of the sea on a boat—in order to help bless the fishing in this area. There were Voodoo […]

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When a parent is leaving their children, the last communication is of most importance. Jesus said, “Go. Go into all the world.” Many of you have been on a mission trip. There’s the excitement of preparing, the sacrifice of saving or raising funds, and the adventure of traveling off into the unknown with the intense […]

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Beautiful Haiti

Here at New Missions, we see Haiti as a country on the rise. Haiti was once known as the Pearl of the Antilles—a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, throughout the years, Haiti has declined, and is now the poorest country in our hemisphere. Today, a new generation of Christian leaders are on the rise and they’re changing […]

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New Believers

Two young girls came forward for prayer at our Masson church in Haiti, as they dedicated their lives to Jesus. This is our mission: to see people find a personal relationship with Jesus and then become His disciples. Weekly, at our 32 churches across Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we witness lives being changed by […]

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New Land

Seventeen years ago, we started a school for Haitian children living in the Dominican Republic—mostly the children of sugarcane cutters. Over time the school changed and now meets in a building we don’t own, on land without room to expand. Today, the school’s population is a mix of Haitian and Dominican children. We now have […]

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