This Christmas, join us in changing the life of a child!

From December 1-25, New Missions will introduce to you 25 children eagerly waiting for sponsorship. What a joy it would be for a child to know you chose to support and encourage them this Christmas through sponsorship. 

Sponsorship ensures proper nutrition and vital healthcare, education, and, most importantly, the teaching of the greatest Christmas gift of all: Jesus. As a result, children are given hope for their future—ending the cycle of physical and spiritual poverty. Join us, as we strive to serve the children of Haiti and relay the truth that every child matters to God. This Christmas, you can be a catalyst in this mission of serving 25 new students.

Follow New Missions on social media to meet these children during the month of December. You may also click here and sponsor a child today.

We want to share with you an example of how just one life was forever changed through child sponsorship. Yaguel, one of our pastors in Haiti, grew up attending our New Missions Christian Academy in Neply, Haiti. He now serves as pastor of the very first church we planted in Haiti in 1983! His child sponsor, Janice Baker, made it possible to not only provide Yaguel with a Christian education, but also continues to impact the many who sit under his teaching each Sunday. As seen here, Janice’s sponsorship, as well as yours, will be a gift that keeps on giving. We invite you to see and hear Yaguel tell his story. Watch the video below!

Thank you for your love and prayers as we see God change lives forever.

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