Our vision is too great to accomplish alone. Together, we can change more lives and you can play a vital role in bringing change by hosting a fundraising event.



Choose a Fundraiser

Decide which type of fundraiser best suits you. There are many fun opportunities from “donating your birthday” to hosting a “bowl-a-thon.”


Set Your Fundraising Goal

For each $360 you raise, a child will receive an education for one year.


Spread the Word

Share with your friends about the opportunity to join you in raising funds to change lives. You will be surprised who want to come alongside your efforts to make a difference.


Fundraising Ideas

Donate Your Birthday

Want your birthday to be a really big deal? Donate your next birthday and help change lives. This could be your best birthday yet.

Organize a Bowl-a-Thon

Gather a group of friends to join you for a night of bowling. While you’re having fun you will also be changing lives.

Host a Benefit Walk/Run

Grab your sneakers and friends for a 5K walk/run that goes the extra mile in helping children receive an education.


Honor a Loved One

To celebrate the life of someone who has had a great impact on your life, give a gift in their honor. Share how they made a difference in your life and why you want to do the same.

Lip Sync Competition

Are you ready to show off your hidden talent? Choose your favorite songs, gather a crowd, and let the fundraising begin. This will be a hit!

Be an Advocate

You can find a sponsor for a child. As an advocate, we will send you a few photos of children without sponsors for you to share with others who want to make a difference.

Start a Fundraiser

Whether it’s donating your birthday, or organizing a 5K, you can help bring hope to the children of New Missions.

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