For over 30 years, New Missions has been establishing local churches and Christian schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic—providing children with education, food, and medical care so they can grow strong and make an impact in their community.

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Keys to long-term change

The Local Church
Medical Care
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Lasting Impact

Our model makes a lasting impact through local leadership of a church to serve children and families, while providing a long-term development process of education to help children step out of poverty and find employment.

Today, we have many graduates who teach at our schools, employ other Haitians, and run small businesses to support their families.

Meet the role models of change
  • Daniel Bertrand
  • Gamma Gay
  • Marie Chantai Philippe
  • Erlande Charles
  • Peterson Salomon
  • Marie Carmene Calixte
  • Yaguel Nerat

You can be a part of change

Each day approximately 10,000 children attend school, receive a hot meal, medical care, and have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message of hope that changes lives.

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New Missions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.