In Acts 12, Peter has been put in prison by King Herod. The night before Peter is to go to trial the Christians were praying at Mary̓s house—the mother of John. They were having an all night prayer meeting.

Are you in an impossible situation?

King Herod had already executed James the brother of John. Peter was in an impossible situation—he was going to be executed in the morning. King Herod had four squads of four soldiers guarding Peter. In the middle of the night an angel appeared to Peter, woke him, and his chains fell off his body. The doors opened from the prison and the angel led him back into the city. As Peter was walking with the angel, suddenly the angel disappeared. So, Peter decided to go to Mary̓s house where the believers were meeting. Rhoda, a servant girl, answered the door. When she told them Peter was at the door, everyone thought it must be his ghost. Once inside, Peter quietly told them how an angel had rescued him from prison. The next morning King Herod had all of the guards executed for allowing Peter to escape from prison.

Peter was in an impossible situation and God made a way where there was no way. The new believers were praying for Peter, but God answered their prayers in a most unexpected way. Throughout the Bible God has a history of answering prayers in the most unexpected way.

In the Dominican Republic we have been working in the village of Redemption since 1998. There are hundreds of children that meet in a two-story school building we do not own. These are both Haitian and Dominican children. Most of the Haitian children are illegal aliens who were born in the Dominican Republic, but do not have legal citizenship. For several years we have looked to purchase land but have been unsuccessful. On Sunday, January 25, 2015, we had a dedication service at our new church building in the village of Playa Laguna. We had been working in this village for over ten years—using a rented house. That Sunday night I met our builder who oversaw the construction of the building. Francesco is from Switzerland and is a fourth generation architect. He is a Christian man who loves the Lord, and he did a great job on the building. That night Francesco told me that he had found a piece of land for sale in Los Castillos to replace the school in Redemption. The next morning he showed me a corner lot with the ruins of an old bar and restaurant on a high hill. I climbed through a jungle of overgrown brush and went to the highest point, and could look out at views of the surrounding hills. I felt in my spirit the property was perfect. Francesco and I were of one mind for the layout of the property and where the church building should be situated. The price was a $127,000…a lot of money! In my mind I braced myself for how many speaking engagements I would need to do to raise that much money. Amazingly, the money came in from one unexpected source. Then we raised the funds to build a church for Los Castillos on the top of the hill. Now, we have begun the process of raising funds to build a two-story building on the property. ~George DeTellis, Jr.

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